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Team community for Awesometopia
Welcome to Team Dragons! This is a part of awesometopia where you are sorted into teams and play challenges against each other. To apply to join a team, please head to the main community. SIGN UP THERE TO BE SORTED. If you are put into our team, you will be invited to join the community.

Once you have joined the community, you need to join the other communities in awesometopia to be able to keep up with everything!
  • at_awesomet is the media comm, where we post graphics/art challenges.
  • at_newnewyorker is for writing challenges.
  • at_wondersquare for games.
  • at_spotlight for watchalongs, discussions, and fandom-specific challenges to go with our weekly fandom spotlight.
  • at_tenforward is our social community.

    We need you to participate. Try to get involved in one challenge a week. There will be periodic cuts of team members who don't participate to make room for people who want to join. Come with us into Team Dragons lair and help us be the best team in awesometopia!

    Journal Layout credit to milou_veronica
    Header, background, and icon by av_chick